Welcome to Nurse Week here at OPOD. We started it yesterday with Florence Nightingale, and we will continue all week with nurses from all different time periods and cultures. I am looking forward to the week!.

Today's picture is of Aunt Sally, from Gees Bend Alabama. The picture was taken in 1939. Aunt Sally was a midwife, and was the only medical personnel in the entire area.


I wanted to thank all of you who have been visiting the Lovely Ms. EAM's blog (My Kenya Nursing Adventure). All of your visits and comments have been an incredible encouragement to her. She has really gotten settled in to her new environment there, and is pursuing her work with a passion. She says that she is busy and really hitting it off well with the directors of the orphanage where she works, and hitting it off with all the children. 

I am getting a better picture of her living conditions. She says she has her own room, and bathroom. The bathroom has hot water, but the kitchen does not have hot water. The water comes from a tank that catches rainwater off the roof. Her room has one lightbulb, and they have electricity, but the electricity is out three or four times a day, so you really can not rely on it. She has a little stove that runs on a propane tank that is in the kitchen. In cooking, you have to constantly be mindful of conserving the propane. There is a small refrigerator, but is not completely useful since electricity is out so much. Of course, there is no TV or radio, so the evenings are very quiet (and very dark when the electricity is out). So, she REALLY enjoys reading the comments and answering your posts and questions in the evening when all is quiet. 

Your financial generosity earlier this year made her work possible, and your continued encouragement through  visiting her blog keeps her enthusiastic and keeps her pushing forward with her work. Thanks!!!