John Philip Sousa

Am I the only one happy that Opera Week is over? I would bet not. Anyway, this is going to be John Philip Sousa Week, where we look at pictures of, and listen to music by the greatest bandmaster who ever lived. 

I can remember that when I was growing up in the 1960's, we actually had a record player that would still play "78" records. Also, we had a stack of old records, and many of them had the old Sousa Marches. I can remember listening to the music, and the distinct scratchy sound that came from the old 78 records. Does anyone else sort of miss that hiss that you got from the old records?

Anyway, for your enjoyment, I present what might be the greatest march ever written . . . Sousa's Sempter Fidelis.


The lovely Ms. EAM has been very busy in Africa. The picture at right is little Dominique, who Ms. EAM helped to rescue out of the slums of Kitale last week. She took the picture and was riding with him in the back seat. This was the first time the little guy had ever been in a car. She said he is severely malnourished, and has many other medical challenges, but it will be her top priority to nurse him back to health. This little boy's life is about to radically change. In Mattaw, he will be loved and will be provided with everything he needs. When he arrived at the village, the entire village turned out and held a huge celebration to welcome him. Ms. EAM says he is very quickly adjusting to his new life.

OK, I have been stealing pictures from the lovely Ms. EAM's blog. I am sure she would be greatly encouraged if you all would go over and check her blog out directly, as opposed to reading things second hand from me.

As many of you know, it is very discouraging to start a blog and not have anyone read it. It would be a huge encouragement to her if you would check out her blog, and maybe leave some comments. You might even consider "following" the blog if you like what you see. Again, for a blogger, the most discouraging thing is to write and get no comments. I might go so far as to say that any comments left on her blog would directly lower the chances of another ugly picture embargo on this site.

So please go on over and check out the lovely Ms. EAM's blog at: I think you will enjoy it.