John Philip Sousa Band

Today's picture shows the band of John Philip Sousa. The photo was taken in 1917 at a Liberty Loan rally. You see, back in the day, when we went to war we actually paid for it by raising money from the citizenry in patriotic rallies like this one. 

I have enjoyed listening to the Sousa music this week. The recording below is a modern rendition of "The Washington Post March", which is one of the all time greatest marches. 

I have noticed an interesting thing this week. Modern renditions of Sousa marches sound very different than the original ones directed by him. To me, it seems like he played the music faster, and lighter. More light and airy music. Today, his marches are played slower and with much more powerful deep sounds. More brass and percussion. It is as if the Boston Pops found more big full sound that even Sousa himself did in these marches. Has anyone else noticed that?