Japanese Nurses

Today's picture is from 1905, and it shows Japanese Nurses. The nurses were attending wounded soldiers. I am putting up this picture in the hopes that we can get off the topic of "The Pain of Childbirth". It appears that no matter what I do the subject keeps coming back to that. It is like it is the ultimate "Trump" card women carry around. No matter where the conversation starts, it always ends with the Pain of Childbirth. 

Consider this example . . . have you ever noticed when men and women go to a restaurant, when men need to use the restroom they go one at a time, but when the women go, they all leave the table at once. That is because they are not really going to use the restroom, but they are going to talk. My theory is that they get together in there and remind each other that somehow they must get the conversation back to the pain of childbirth. All babies have heads the size of watermellons, and weight 23 pounds, that sort of thing.

Well, some day there is going to be a man come along with the courage to speak up and ask the question, is child birth really that painful? Today is not that day.