More Summer Fun

We have more summer fun from the 1920's today with this picture from Arlington Beach. We see three girls riding a donkey. I can honestly say that I have never ridden a donkey, and certainly never ridden one with two other people.


I have an update on yesterday's unpleasantness. It had appeared that Ms. EAM had simply Gone Rouge on us and had started posting inflammatory material over at her blog. But now it has become clear that the Evil Nate Maas is behind it all. Those of you who follow his blog see that he is orchestrating this great rebellion.

In digging into things a little deeper, I have found that the Malaria pills that Ms. EAM is taking have the following side effects:

"The FDA product guide states Mefloquine can cause health problems including: anxiety, hallucinations, depression, unusual behavior, and rebellion among others."

So, apparently the Evil Nate Maas has used the opportunity of Ms. EAM's weakened cognitive state to turn her against all that is good and just and to align with his dark schemes.