Air Travel

Welcome to Air Travel week here at OPOD. I must admit that I have spent much of my life on an airplane, and I am sad to report most of my memories of air travel are not pleasant ones. I will be sharing my memories this week, and hope you will too. Today's picture is an airplane from British Imperial Airways, and probably taken in the early 1930's.


Most of you by now are aware that the Evil Nate Maas has re-declared war on me, and is raising all types of disturbances on the internet with his vile slander against me. It has become clear that he has broken all the planks of the  August 20, 2010 peace treaty.

While we have grown to expect vile outbreaks like this from Nate, this time he has slumped to new lows, even bringing the Lovely Ms. EAM into the feud. As I explained earlier, the malaria pills Ms. EAM takes leave her vulnerable to confusion and influence. Nate has used this weakened condition, and unending harrasment to try and influence her to join him in his corrupt nonsense.

As any good father would, yes, I read the lovely Ms. EAM's email. Why, you ask? Well, first I go in and delete the spam for her, so when she opens her email she is greeted only with relevant and important email. Then secondly, since she is out of the country, I check to see if anything like bills or matters like that need to be tended to, which I naturally take care of. Then of course if a young man appears to be showing any interest in her, I forward them my soyouwantodatemydaughter exam. It should be noted that no young man has yet to make it past the preamble section of the document, but I am sure at some point a worthy suitor will reveal himself. But I digress. Yesterday as I was performing this loving and fatherly duty, what do you think I find in her eamil? Well, I present the screenshot below. Read it and weap:

Yes, the Evil Nate Mass is secretly communicating with the lovely Ms. EAM trying to turn Daughter against Father, and trying to get her to participate in his evil schemes.

Another truth comes out from the email. Note that Nate ADMITS that he photoshops the pictures of me. For example the picture of me at the Occupy Pugh Park rally . . . he photoshopped it to make me look much heavier and much older than I am. Oh, and the picture of me with the Korean Dictator . . . I am much taller than that.

Finally the truth is out. When will this internet menace be removed from the world wide web?