Camp Tak It Ezy

Today's picture is another Summer Camp picture from the 1920's. The sign on the tree reads Tak it Ezy, so this looks like my kind of summer camp. I am enjoying reading your camping memories in the comments. One of the big memories I have of summer camp that has not been discussed much are the practical jokes. I remember summer camp being filled with kids playing pranks on each other. When I was at summer camp, this one kid fell asleep before everyone else. He was really out. His name was Billy Charles Gunstead. So he is over there snoring away, and the rest of us are awake. So, we walk over, and very gently, with three people on each side of his cot, pick the cot up. He does not wake up. So we start walking with it. When he starts moving, like he is disturbed, we would put the cot back down. Anyway, we walk him about three miles into the woods like that. Then we put the cot down and come back to camp. It was about 3:00 in the afternoon the next day that he finally found his way back to camp. I have often wondered what he thought when he woke up in the middle of nowhere.


The young lady formerly known as the Lovely Ms. EAM has decided to declare Intercontinental Internet War on me. I would invite you to read back over all my posts to see that I have treated her with nothing but the utmost of respect. She really started prodding me on Monday on her blog. I ignored it figuring it was just some form of latent post traumatic rebellion going on, and then she unloaded with both guns yesterday, and I feel at this point that her insolence and malfeasance can not go unpunished. After all I have done for her . . . changing her diapers, home schooling her for 12 years, paying for her college, and keeping a roof over her head, and then she bites the hand that has fed her. 

So, she wants to play hardball huh. Well, two can play that game and she picked the wrong internet opponent to cross I say. I keep reading her writing . . . "You can not touch me, I am in Africa . . . You can not touch me, I am in Africa".

I throw down the gauntlet and declare war back on her. She will now be known as the Detestable Ms. EAM. 

Oops . . . look whose pickup got left parked out back by Chickie Town:

Oh my, is that Handsome Jack, Joaquin, Sonny and Junior all up on the shiny new pickup? I wonder who put the pickup out there and left it? And what is that up top under Handsome Jack . . .perhaps we should take a closer look

Now that is going to leave a mark. Blahahahaha! Its On Like Donkey Kong!

Internet watchers are holding their breaths to see which side the Evil Nate Maas takes in this Intercontinental Internet War. To date he has remained quiet but all expect him to weigh in shortly.